Historic diamonds

Each diamond has its own history, but those that single out in time are:


Historic diamonds

The Cullinan

The Cullinan was the largest uncut diamond in the world which was found in South Africa and it weighed 3106cts.. It was named after the owner of the mine Thomas Cullinan. It was cut in 105 diamonds. Two of the most popular ones are the “Star of Africa” or “Cullinan 1” which is 530cts and the “Cullinan 2” which is 325cts.. Both of them belong to the crown jewels of the United Kingdom.

The Excelsior

This diamond weighed 995cts. when it was discovered in the Jagersfontein mine. It was named after its original shape and it means “higher”. It was cut in 21 diamonds. The “Excelsior I” (69cts.) is the most famous one.

The Regent

The Regent was found in the Paritala-Kollur mine in India and it weighed 410cts.. It took its name from the Duke of Orleans Regent who also bought it. It was used as a jewel on many royal items such as the crowns of Louis XV and Louis XVI, on Marie Antoinette’s hat and on Napoleon Bonaparte’s sword.

Τhe Hope Diamond

It is the diamond with the most mysterious history because even though it’s name bears a hopeful meaning, it was known to bring bad luck to all of it’s owners. It is a blue, 45ct diamond which carries a myth curse. Despite the myth-making around it’s name, the Hope diamond is believed to had been found in Golconda mine, in India. It was named after one of it’s owners, Phillip Hope

The Koh-i-Noor

Koh-i-Noor means “Mountain of light” It weighed 1986 cts and it was cut in 109 diamonds. It was used to adorn royal jewellery and it became the cause of controversy.